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Why Grain Free Dog Foods

At Ivory Coat Companion Goods we have worked closely with animal nutritionists and veterinarians to make this nutrient-dense, grain free, hypoallergenic food the best option for your companion to ensure long term natural health.


Is grain free right for your companion?

There are a number of reasons why informed pet owners are making the switch to quality grain free foods, including these:  

  • Many dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and other common grains, which can cause digestive and/or skin issues.
  • Grain free foods are easier for a dog to digest.
  • Grain free foods closely mimic a natural diet – the kind your pet would eat in the wild.
  • Grain free foods often contain fewer ingredients and known allergens.
  • Pet owners feeding a grain-free diet usually notice thicker, firmer and more regular stools.
  • High quality grain free foods typically have a higher meat content, providing high levels of omega 3 fatty acids that help make your dog’s coat thick, shiny and healthy.
  • High quality grain free foods are a great source of energy for active dogs and enhance lean muscle maintenance due to their higher meat content.
  • Grains, especially wheat, corn and rice, are commonly used as ‘fillers’ in low quality foods for bulk rather than nutrition.

We always recommend, when choosing a food for your companion, whether grain free or not, you start by reviewing the ingredients that make up that food. After all, a food is only as good as its ingredients.

The first 5 ingredients make up the majority of the food. Would you eat the first 5 ingredients in your current pet food product?

Always make an informed choice and, if in doubt, speak with your trusted veterinarian. Ask them what, and more importantly why, they recommend a particular food for your companion.