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Ivory Coat Companion Goods has proudly been in partnership with the Aussie Helpers foundation since 2014. The foundation provides financial support, resources and medical needs for farming families doing it tough. Ivory Coat Companion Goods aims to donate $10,000 per month to assist farmers, their livestock and, of course, their working dogs and companions.  You can read more about the foundation here.



Assistance Dogs Australia trains puppies at a young age to perform a range of tasks for people living with disabilities, ensuring that an Assistance Dog is not only man’s best friend, but man’s most helpful friend too. Every Assistance Dog undergoes tailored training to meet the individual needs of their new owner. The organisation supports people living with physical disabilities, autism, post-traumatic stress and dementia, as well as schools and care facilities. It can take up to two years and cost over $30,000 to train each dog. Assistance Dogs are placed completely free of charge with their new owner, providing life-changing support for up to 10 years.  Ivory Coat has been a proud supporter and food provider of Assistance Dogs Australia since 2017.  You can visit their website here 



The Labs N Life Foundation are situated in South Australia, the foundation helps young people who may have experienced personal trauma acquire life skills through learning how to train a Labrador Retriever to become a assistance dog for a young person with special needs.  Ivory Coat has been a proud food provider of the Labs N Life Foundation since 2016.  You can visit their website here.