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Three weeks on Ivory Coat has made a huge difference to all of our sanctuary dingoes. A number of the mothers have blown their old undercoats and will look stunning in a week or two. Every one of them has that beautiful slick spring back when brushed against the grain that signifies vitality. Could not be happier.
Thanks so much for your wonderful service as well.
- Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre

..Initially we trialled Ivory Coat with our dog Hunter, Vets have been unsure what is wrong with him for over 15 months. We have had him on a raw diet of rabbit and venison and a bit of dry. We wanted to see how he would do on just a high quality dry. This was a risky move by us as we couldn't have him lose any more weight.Within a couple of weeks we saw improvements. His coat has changed from grizzly to soft and he is regrowing his guard hairs. He has also managed to put and a few 100gs which is a big step with this one! We also had one of our puppies on it who loved it and his coat has made him look 6 months younger as his colours have really started to pop compared to his litter mates. We were so impressed we now feed all our dogs Ivory Coat as we know it delivers ultra-premium nutrition for our dogs to perform."  
- Jake & Kyla (The Howling Husky’s)

I'm loving Ivory Coat Turkey and Duck. 
It's Australian made and owned, hypoallergenic, grain free, no meat by-products. It's high in protein - natural prebiotic, omega rich, natural fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. 
I'm really fussy about the kibble I feed my kids and have done so much research into them all. This is the best and my three huskies love it.
-  M Pascoe

We are so incredibly impressed and grateful that Ivory Coat operates and also that you are so easy to deal with :)
At Pocket Puppies we are Australia’s acclaimed breeder of Toy Cavoodles, having been seen with Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Pat Rafter, Dr. Chris Brown ‘Bondi Vet’, Hayley Lewis, Bank of Melbourne TV ad and we have donated a puppy for exclusive therapy at Headspace. As such, we require a pet food for our special puppies that is the best, after sampling from many brands we finally discovered Ivory Coat and they have made our dogs' and puppies’ thrive and shine better than ever before. The products you have provided are fantastic and we are very excited that you take an Australian and natural approach to animal products, something that is very important to us.  
-  A Hull, Pocket Puppies

It’s not even just the food the whole range is fantastic!
We use Ivory Coat as we feel it gives our puppies the best start to life 
WE use Ivory Coat as our adult dogs love it and are in tip top condition even after giving birth and raising pups 
We use Ivory Coat as it is Australian made with the best quality products we can source for our dogs and pups 
- S Edwards 

My fussy 1 yr old Lab Sally luvs this food and as she has possible grain allergies, it’s what we were looking to try and it was an instant hit and its very reasonably priced for a quality product. We were using Hill’s Science Diet but she just wouldn’t eat it unless she had to in the end. Also this is an Aussie company. Well done guys.
- T & J Brown  

I was given a bag of Ivory Coat Lamb and Kangaroo for my show dogs (collie roughs) After a few weeks I kept getting wonderful comments about my dogs that they were just blooming. My 5 year old boys coat was luxurious and absolutely beautiful. I am sold on this product and will put my show dogs on it permanently.
- C Kemp

We have an 8 month staffy who has skin challenges. When we first got him we had him on hills ideal balance, which was ok but ended noticing him balding behind his ears. Went through and tried Ivory Coat Puppy food and behold his hair started growing back! His coat was even shinier and his eyes even became less weepy. We tried wellness core grain free and it was a total step in wrong direction. Vomiting, diarrhoea, waking up at night and balding again for 2 weeks. Made the switch back to Ivory Coat and everything stopped!! Back to his healthy self. Can't echo how good this food is!! Even the shampoo and conditioner is amazing. Buy it, buy it now it's every bit worth it
- A Maistry 

Quality ingredients and great value for money. My dogs love the food and the treats. The shampoo and deodorizer is also excellent. Would highly recommend!
- D Fox 


My dog loves this, his coat is shiny, and I know it’s made up of excellent Australian ingredients with no cheap fillers.... low in allergen, has made his stools firmer and less smelly, its good value and helps Aussie farmers, what more could you ask?
- Dr D, Melbourne 

My dog absolutely loves the kangaroo dry food. So good that its quality ingredients and I've noticed he has a lot more energy. Thanks Ivory Coat for investing in making such a fantastic dog food and yummy treats. Great that you are also supporting the Aussie farmers.
- Matty 

I have just started my rescued Czech Wolfdog on your food, and it's awesome! I have had so much trouble feeding this girl, she has such a sensitive stomach when it comes to dry food. But lo and behold, within a day of starting on the Ivory Coat biscuits she's stopped vomiting and no more diarrhoea!! Massive win!!!
- T McDonough 

Honestly the best dry food I've come across especially for those with a sensitive tummy
- J Wills 

Our mini schnauzer loves this food, she was on a Royal Canine from breeder, but she itched from time to time. Started on this and have had a dramatic difference with no itching. She is a happy healthy little puppy, also her poos are not as smelly and less in size. Further she is growing excellently with a beautiful coat!
- Mister mini schnauzer

My French bulldog is thriving on this food. Super high protein, grain free and nutritionally balanced, I’ve never seen him so full of energy and happy! He can be quite fussy when it comes to dry food, but he absolutely loves this!
- Deano

Bought this food as my rescue puppy was continually scratching and licking. I like the fact that it has no artificial colours and flavours and no grains and a lot more meat protein than other foods. Her itching and licking have now calmed down considerably so am very happy with the product. I also like the fact that it is Australian and not imported.
- Don

My 3 little dogs love this kibble 
I have even replaced it for treats and they line up for it
Little poodle Molly has tummy issues & pancreatitis and is going really well on the low fat version
I had tried every product out there but really love this one!
- S Prentice

I used to feed Raw and now have changed to Ivory Coat. I find it much cheaper as I do not have to feed very much to keep her in top condition
- F Hutchinson

I recommend this product! When I bought this food I thought my mini foxie wouldn't even eat it, she is very fussy when it comes to food and she loves it. The good part about it is that it's Grain Free, I’m so going buy this again
- M Jane

I've had my 5 month old Frenchie on the puppy dry food for about 2 months now. After the changing food transition his coat gained a beautiful rich colour, softness and shine to it. NO SKIN ISSUES!!!! To go with his lovely coat he now has beautiful bright eyes, perfect puppy skin and an even energy/temperament level. I've also found that weight control is easier to manage with Ivory Coat than other brand kibbles I've used in the past with him and other pups. Very happy with this product and I highly recommend it to any dog owner. (Especially bulldog owners)
- Cameron