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 Ivory Coat 5 Stars


"It’s great to see decent Australian brands emerging, and this one looks really good.lambkangaroo.gif

This review is for Adult Lamb & Kangaroo. They also offer Turkey & Duck, as well as reduced fat and puppy recipes. All offerings are grain free.

It looks to be the highest protein food available in Australia, and in keeping with top brands like Orijen in the US. I estimate the carbs to be around 28%, making this one of the lowest carb foods available.

The top two ingredients are both meat meals which is great to see, lamb and kangaroo which is an excellent lean meat readily sourced in Australia.

It’s great to see ground flaxseed, an excellent source of omega 3 and nutritive fibre. Salmon oil is a good choice for both omega 3 and 6 to maintain a healthy, glossy coat. Common to many high-end foods we find a range of fruits and veggies, vitamins and minerals, to ensure a well-balanced diet. The food uses natural preservatives too which is great to see.

I really find this hard to fault. The ingredients are well considered, making this a high quality meat-based kibble."

-  Pet Food Reviews Australia

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What the professionals have to say

Ivory Coat 5 Stars 
"The food is great, I actually don't mind picking up the poo now as it's firmer and less smelly.
One of our girls has also stopped itching (she was scratching bad on her old food) and my boy is finally putting weight on (I struggled to get him to put it on on their old food!).
So thank you for having such a great high quality food for our dogs to enjoy."
- Sandy, Pawfect Pals Animals Rescue
Ivory Coat 5 Stars
"Three weeks on Ivory Coat has made a huge difference to all of our sanctuary dingoes. A number of the mothers have blown their old undercoats and will look stunning in a week or two. Every one of them has that beautiful slick spring back when brushed against the grain that signifies vitality. Could not be happier. Thanks so much for your wonderful service as well."
- Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre

Ivory Coat 5 Stars
"At Pocket Puppies we are Australia’s acclaimed breeder of Toy Cavoodles, having been seen with Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Pat Rafter, Dr. Chris Brown ‘Bondi Vet’, Hayley Lewis, Bank of Melbourne TV ad and we have donated a puppy for exclusive therapy at Headspace. As such, we require a pet food for our special puppies that is the best, after sampling from many brands we finally discovered Ivory Coat and they have made our dogs' and puppies’ thrive and shine better than ever before. The products you have provided are fantastic and we are very excited that you take an Australian and natural approach to animal products, something that is very important to us."
-  A Hull, Pocket Puppies

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"I have to say I am very impressed with feeding this brand of food to my dogs, The improvement in coat and shine is great, Thank you so much for your support."
- Penny, 'Tauba Breeders' of German Shepherds

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"My pack are doing wonderful on the food and since our new addition Myah was added to the pack and placed on your kibble she has gone from being underweight at 17kg to a healthy 21kg. Thanks to your wonderful product she is now going back in the show ring to gain her "Australian Champion" title that we have been working towards getting her. I am so grateful for your products, and always getting told how wonderful my huskies look and how soft they are, and I am always recommending Ivory Coat to everyone."
- Kaitlyn, Aushuskies

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"Great for lactating bitches, my pug girl was lacking in the milk department on her first litter so I switched her to Ivory Coat and well she then had PLENTY of milk for her babies and even kept great condition while feeding a large litter. Ivory Coat puppy Chicken has done wonders with my lactating bitches and puppies and one of the added bonuses is their poops are EASY to clean up, nice and firm!"
- Jakeeva Breeders

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"Excellent customer service, promptly had all my questions answered. As a breeder of purebred cats I only want the best for my fur babies to give them the best start in life and keep condition on my adults whilst being palatable and good for them. Ivory Coat ticks all the boxes and I look forward to some happy kitten owners in the future who will also be switching to your product."
- Renee, Bandilea Birmans

What our customers have to say 


Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"Can't recommend Ivory Coat enough. We have our recently adopted kitten on Ivory Coat. It is fantastic. When we first rescued him he had disgusting smelling litter, since changing over he is so healthy and his litter does not smell at all. 
Our high energy, sensitive German Pointer is also on the turkey and chicken mix, he often struggles to keep weight on because he is go go go. Ivory Coat has cut the food intake by a whole cup and he is holding weight fantastically, plus his stomach, and stools, are so healthy."
- G. Huth

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"Having a puppy with skin allergies, I immediately changed from grain infused kibble to grain free. I had not heard of Ivory Coat until I went to a pet supply store and the lady recommended I try it and it was an Australian made product. I am happy to say that after weeks of Ivory Coat, my puppy is free of scabby sores and has stopped scratching incessantly, her coat is as smooth as silk. Literally. Thank you for your wonderful product, I recommend it to everyone!! And Azura is a much happier puppy because of it!"
- S. Steedman

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"My Maltese X Shihtzu was recently diagnosed with canine diabetes, was looking for a nutritional dry food that was also low in fat, I've had him on the Senior/Low fat dry food & he loves it, & his coat is getting nice & soft and also seems to be growing again also."
- P. Staggard

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"My Great Dane puppy has been on the Large Breed Puppy food now for a week. He's doing great on it and hoovers it down. Iv been through 3 other good dog foods and they did not agree with him. I'm glad I chose  Ivory coat, it looks like i've found the right food for my Milo. And I love how it's Australian made and owned"
- K. Francis

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"My dog started out with no hair and no she isnt a Chinese crested... she is meant to be a white fluffy x Jack Russell. The vets didn't know what was wrong with her. After a bunch of tests we found she is allergic to almost everything. I had her on other grain free foods and that just didn't help one bit, in fact I think it made it worse. But as soon as I started her on Ivory Coat her hair started to grow back! She now has a healthy coat and we have fixed the no hair problem. I 100% blame Ivory Coat for my little girls health and her fantastic coat! Thank you"
- M. Glenfield

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"Great quality and high palatability with all dogs and cats we have tried with. I really like that they are Aussie owned and made, supporting our local farmers too."
- B. Bon

Ivory Coat 5 Stars

"I have a Chow who was very picky about her food and heaps of trouble with hot spots. Changed her to Ivory Coat and had no issues with either since! Love the grain free food and now feeding it to our new Chow puppy who loves it. They're both in fabulous condition. Couldn't recommend it enough!"
- C. McWilliams


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