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Australia’s Best DogsIvory Coat for Professionals

Start with Australia’s Best Food.

Are you a Registered Breeder, Pet Hotel, Boarding Kennel or Registered Charity? If so take advantage of our wholesale Professionals feeding program and register your details below. 

The same quality food you will find in retail outlets, specially bulk packaged with Professional rates together with bulk buy discounts and flat rate shipping. Giving you access to the highest specification Grain Free Australian made food on the market today, at rates under that of many of the commercial brands with cheap fillers and imported ingredients.

Genuine Value

For Professionals feeding a medium companion, like the average Australian Kelpie costs from just $0.59c per day, and puppies under 10kgs from just $0.49c plus gst per day, even less with bulk purchases! 

Together with genunine quality and value for industry Professionals we offer additional discounts on bulk purchases and flat rate delivery charges nationwide. Contact us for more information. 

Natural Grain Free High Specification Food

All our Professional Australian Made foods contain; 

  • A high concentration of quality lean Australian meats
  • Vegetable superfoods including Kale, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Broccoli & Blueberries. 
  • Flaxseeds & Salmon oil for Omega 3 & 6 for Skin & Coat Health
  • NO Cheap fillers like Wheat, Corn, Soy or Rice
  • NO Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  

Pet Foods Reviews Australia: "5 STARS"

"...the highest protein food available in Australia, and in keeping with top brands like Orijen in the US (read up to see how highly rated they are)..."

"I really find this hard to fault. The ingredients are well considered, making this a high quality meat-based kibble." 
Pet Food Reviews Australia

Read the full review here: Pet Food Reviews Australia



What other professionals are saying: 



The Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre houses the world's largest collection of DNA tested pure, entire dingoes. The dingoes represent a preservation breeding programme for the original dingo, supplying the world's zoos, fauna parks and caring enthusiasts. 

“Three  weeks on Ivory Coat  has made a heap of difference to all of our sanctuary dingoes. All have gained weight, which means that we can cut the feed quantities a little. Coats have all shown an amazing transition.  It is coming up to spring shedding time and two in particular which have been in a worrying state of pelt (harsh and untypical)  for a couple of years, have moved clearly into a new stage of fine quality coat. A number of the mothers have blown their old undercoats and will look stunning in a week or two, when we rake their loose down out with a grooming session.  Every one of them has that beautiful slick spring back when brushed against the grain that signifies vitality. Could not be happier.

Thanks so much for your wonderful service as well.” Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre

Ivory Coat fueling The Howling Husky's

"The Howling Husky’s are a team of 37 professional working sled tour and race dogs, given this and to maintain their health and strength, they can only be fed the best quality foods available. Initially we trialled Ivory Coat with our dog Hunter, Vets have been unsure what is wrong with him for over 15 months. We have had him on a raw diet of rabbit and venison and a bit of dry. We wanted to see how he would do on just a high quality dry. This was a risky move by us as we couldn't have him lose any more weight.

Within a couple of weeks we saw  improvements. His coat has changed from grizzly to soft and he is regrowing his guard hairs. He has also managed to put and a few 100gs which is a big step with this one! We also had one of our puppies on it who loved it and his coat has made him look 6 months younger as his colours have really started to pop compared to his litter mates. We were so impressed we now feed all our dogs Ivory Coat as we know it delivers ultra-premium nutrition for our dogs to perform."  Jake & Kyla (The Howling Husky’s)

"We are an Australian breeder, having been seen with Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Pat Rafter, Dr. Chris Brown ‘Bondi Vet’, Hayley Lewis, Bank of Melbourne TV ad and we have donated a puppy for exclusive therapy at Headspace. As such, we require a pet food for our special puppies that is the best, after sampling from many brands we finally discovered Ivory Coat and they have made our dogs' and puppies’ thrive and shine better than ever before. The products you have provided are fantastic and we are very excited that you take an Australian and natural approach to animal products, something that is very important to us." Angelique Hull (Pocket Puppies)

"We use Ivory Coat as we feel it gives our puppies the best start to life, our adult dogs love it, and are in tip top condition even after giving birth and raising pups… being Australian made with the best quality ingredients we can source for our dogs and pups is very important to us!" Sally Edwards (Daisylea Breeders)


"After having used another "premium" brand for two years, and being less than satisfied due to cats and kittens constantly vomiting, I heard about Ivory Coat. After contacting the staff about trailing the product, to ensure no ill effect, their professionalism was outstanding. ALL my cats and their babies are fed the kitten, all have beautiful shiny coats and great weight. As a registered breeder, I cannot recommend this fantastic healthy and Aussie made product, enough."  Becc Tedder - (Glamason Ragdolls)


Australian Quality

Ivory Coat is Australian Made & Owned

We at Ivory Coat are passionate about producing only Australia's best food, developed with a team of Animal Nutritionists and all Veterinary Approved, our Australian foods meet all Australian and AAFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition. 

We aim to provide you with exceptional value, whilst giving back to Australian farmers through our partnership with Aussie Helpers. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our program further with you simple phone our office on 1300 799 214 or submit your contact detail below. We will ask for a valid ABN and business details prior to discussing any rates with you.