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Ivory Coat is proud to announce an all-natural range of grooming products, completely free of synthetic chemicals, and specifically formulated for companion animals.

Made in Australia from high quality plant-based ingredients like coconut, olives, avocado, billberry and  macadamias, Ivory Coat products do not contain harmful substances like parabens, dyes, phosphates,  petrochemicals, cosmetic fragrances or sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

Ivory Coat Managing Director, Steven Deveraux-Stanford, says as medical science has advanced, so has our knowledge about the harmful effects of using synthetic chemicals on our skin, and the skin of those we love.

“It’s a known fact that animals have sensitive and often problematic skin. Our range is for people who want an assurance that was goes on their companion’s skin is safe, hypo-allergenic and free from harmful synthetic chemicals that can cause skin irritations.”

“Due to production costs and the lack of requirements to label cosmetic animal products, almost all commercial products on the market today include synthetic chemicals, of which can dry and irritate the skin.”

“With an all-natural plant-based product we reduce the harmful side effects for our animals, whilst reconditioning the coat and skin with essential oils,” says Steven.

All Ivory Coat Products are registered with the Australian Made campaign and are manufactured to strict guideless to ensure quality.

“It was important to us to create the best, most natural and environmentally friendly products on the market. Products which are like no other on the market today. We also wanted our products to be visually appealing and to provide an experience with beautiful botanical scents. Products that can be used with confidence on our animal companions,” says Steven.



The Ivory Coat range of products retail from $19.90 and include:

Detangling Grooming Spray

Ripened Orange & Peppermint

with Bilberry & Nettle Extracts

Deodorising Fragrance

Australian Botanicals

with Nettle Root Extract


At 500mL, shampoos and conditioners are larger than industry average and includes:


Sensitive Shampoo

Australian Tea Tree & Jasmine

with Aloe Vera, Calendula & Comfrey Extracts 


Sensitive Crème Conditioner

Australian Tea Tree & Jasmine

with Olive Oil & Echinacea Extract


Puppy Shampoo

Rosemary, Lavender & Peppermint

with Australian Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera & Echinacea Extract

Glossy Coat Shampoo

Sweet Orange & Rosemary

with Macadamia Oil, Nettle & Papaya Extracts 


Ivory Coat has also developed an Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash that is perfect for regular human use: 

Anti-Bacterial Play Time Hand Wash

Rosewood, Mint & Rosemary

with Aloe Vera, Avocado & Macadamia Oils 



Ivory Coat’s companion goods are available to view and buy online at www.ivorycoat.com.au. The company is also in negotiations with retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.



With more than a decades experience in the international luxury property markets, Steven has lived across the world and experienced first had the consumption and demand for luxury goods.

A born marketer and salesperson, Steven was a director of a luxury property company in Sydney for nearly a decade selling and managing homes for some of Australia’s most high profile people.

Seeing the lengths owners would go to for their companion animals, and the lack of premium products and brands within the pet industry, an idea was born.

Stevens’ companion, a three-year-old Miniature Schnauzer called Cooper, is prone to outbreaks and has sensitive skin. Exhausting the market for quality products that were free from synthetic chemicals, Steven decided it time to develop his own range with industry experts.

In addition to this Steven sits on the Management Committee for national charity The Pinnacle Foundation of which provides educational scholarships for disadvantaged gay youth.



Ivory Coat is a recent recipient of a City of Melbourne Small Business Grant, which will help the company launch its range across Melbourne, Australia and into international markets. Previous winners include Sukin Australian Skin Care, now one of Australia’s bestselling organic personal skin care brand.

Keen to promote Australian made products to the world, Ivory Coat will be utilising the services of the City of Melbourne’s office together with being in discussion with distributors to launch into the United States, China and Japan.



For more information, high resolution images, or to arrange an interview contact Steven at EMAIL or +61 421 214 214.